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Dating back to 2006, Betway hit the web with a bang stirring up the world of sports betting. A Malta-made online gambling platform with some of the top providers in the business helped them expand across the globe and into the hearts of sports lovers all around. It wasn’t until 2012 that Betway com NG would make it to the web for players in Nigeria. They hold not only a license from the Malta Gaming Authority but also the UK Gambling Commission, giving their members an added sense of security. 

If you have heard a bit about Betway, it is highly likely that you heard about the sportsbook, which is packed with many markets, including a wide range of football league favorites, such as soccer, and individual sports like tennis and track. While the sportsbook is what gets the most attention, there is also a fully equipped casino complete with live dealer games to enjoy. We will introduce these to you in our Betway review, pointing out the good, the bad, and the extraordinary.

What’s about Betway Sports Betting? 

First of all, before we get into our review, let’s take a look at what it is that brings gamers crawling back for more, the sportsbook. There is a total of 28 betting markets that range from the most popular leagues in Nigeria, like zoom, to events like Hockey, E-Sports, and Rugby. At any given moment, there are new events up and running where players can make their wagers after they choose the game to their liking. Some events, both regional and national, are uploaded on the site where those who want to make bets can browse Betway results to get the most up to date stats on the matches they are following. 

Keeping up with the times, the site has recently added the opportunity to enjoy live streaming, following along as matches progress. When using Betway NG, bets can be made both in-match or before the game begins, taking advantage of live betting from several devices. To keep track of all the matches and events up and running on the site, players can use the Betway betting exchange. It gives an in-depth and first-hand look at how games are playing out and what expert analysts are saying about the outcome. It may be these things that keep players coming back for more, but there are also a few other features that make the site stand out. 

Of all the odds around the web, this bookmaker stands tall among the best of them. Take, for example, horse racing. Bettors can enjoy odds of around 110% when choosing to make their wagers on horse racing events. Popular Champions league also displays attractive odds falling in between 107% and 108%. It means that these are definitely the sports markets that you’ll want to keep an eye on when you start trying to grow your bankroll.  What about how to play Betway casino?

A Quick Glance at the Betway Casino

Yes, we will admit that the casino has a bit of trouble standing up to others of its kind. It is not a bad thing; it’s just not as packed as others. Having that said, Betway in Nigeria has all the necessities, including slots, dealer games, and the famous Betway bingo. Just like there are promos up and running for sports betting left and right, a few perks specific for casino lovers are also available, including free spins and bonus coins to add to your amount per spin. 

No matter what type of Betway online betting you’re into, you can rest assured knowing that there is a device available for you. Take each one for a spin on your desktop for a widescreen panoramic style view of all of the day and week events or take it down a scale and play the mobile version on your preferred device. The mobile version of the website and mobile app are both embedded with the most up to date programming language, which allows for seamless cross-compatibility across devices. No matter if you choose to play on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop; the screen will fit perfectly, and your winnings will be saved. 


Choose among These Betway Payment Methods 

Now, on to the more important stuff, how to bet in Betway? Well, to backtrack and go all the way to the beginning, you will first need to have an account. If you are not yet a part of the team, registering is easy and will only take a few minutes of your time. Just head on over to the official website where you can find a quick link to create your account and start betting on the best odds in the biz in no time. Once you have an account, the next thing to do before you make your first wager is to add some dough. You will want to think first about the amount, which comes with a sweet bonus attached to it that you won’t want to miss out on. 

Before we tell you how to bet on Betway, we will first introduce you to the welcome bonus so that you can have more than you thought available and ready to put down on any match of your choice. The Betway welcome offer for you as a new player with sign-up is a match to the first funds you add 50% of the way. You could be gambling with an extra 20,000 Naira if you play your cards right! To add funds to your new account, you’ll need first to select your preferred payment methods, which we have listed below. 

Payment Method Minimum Maximum Accept Withdrawal Fees
Visa N100 N250,000 Yes No
Mastercard N100 N250,000 Yes No
GTBank N100 N200,000 Yes N20
ATM N100 N1,000,000 Yes N100
Bank Account N100 N1,000,000 Yes No
PayPal N100 N250,000 Yes No

This is how to bet on Betway online, making sure that you follow the betting site’s terms and conditions for each type of wagers to get the entire full worth of your bonus cash. No matter the method, players have a shot at their bonus cash right from the bat able to use it on sports events with minimum odds of 1.8. 

What about getting your cash in hand? Well, that is a bit of a different story. The quickest way to cut through the red tape is to have a scanned copy of a valid ID, a utility bill, and a bank statement ready to go. You can scan them to verify your account, which shouldn’t take more than a week. Once you’re verified, the processing times will just depend on the method you are using, with the fastest times coming from methods like Betway PayPal.

When it comes to any problem with setting up the account or the addition of bonuses, players can get a hold of the bookmaker by contacting customer support. Options range from a live chat that can be started from the home page to dialing a hotline number where agents are on standby during business hours. There is also an extensive Q&A where you can browse through answers to all the most frequently asked questions to clear up any doubts that you may have. 

A Couple of Words about the Betway Nigeria Jackpot

The Betway betting site comes with a ton of perks and pluses as a bookmakers bet site. One of the favorites and top that players want the key to is, “how to play Betway jackpot?” There is not just one but several different levels of jackpot winning opportunities. These are all based on predicting the correct scores on several events. It could be 5 or 6 or could go up to 12; the higher the number of matches, the higher the jackpot. We know it’s exciting, but before jumping right in, you should take a close look at the Betway jackpot rules and read over the fine print as each one is a little different from the last. 

While we don’t have the exact answer as to how to win Betway jackpot, we do have a few suggestions that could help you with your predictions for the correct scores of events. It may seem difficult, and it is, but taking a look at what the pro analysts are saying could help you bet better and make wiser decisions on where to bet your money. Skimming through predictions is the best way to make bets, but it could also be just the thing you need to be crowned one of Betway’s jackpot winners. 

If you haven’t signed up and are all about sports, you should get that done today. Start seeing what all the fuss is about by becoming a part of the team and watching your wallet grow. 



Is online betting legal in Nigeria?
Yes, but there are strict laws to ensure that all betting is done on sites that are legal and licensed.
Is Betway available in Nigeria?
Yes! Since 2012, they have been open for players in Nigeria. YOU ARE NEXT

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Is online betting legal in Nigeria?
Yes, but there are strict laws to ensure that all betting is done on sites that are legal and licensed.
Is Betway available in Nigeria?
Yes! Since 2012, they have been open for players in Nigeria. YOU ARE NEXT